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Online Conversion is a three step process:


Please note:

  • Fees can be paid annually, or in two or four installments
  • Conversion procedure involves mandatory filling of the online conversion form and payment of fees.
  • Upon submission, the form will redirect you to the My Lycee app/Portal for you to complete the conversion process. If you have already paid you can view your adjusted fee & fee receipt, there.
  • Once the conversion has been successfully registered, the parent will receive an intimation through SMS.
  • The school requests all parents who do not have an online payment facility to please consider the same and adopt such options for the coming future.
  • First quarter fees to be paid online at the time of conversion.
  • Post dated cheques of 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter fees to be submitted
  • The cheque issued must be honoured by your bankers. If the cheque is dishonoured the admission will stand cancelled and Bank/ administrative charges Rs. 500/- will be charged
  • Under no circumstances will the fees paid to the school be refunded

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