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Dear Parents,
We are delighted by your interest in Little Aryans School. Please follow the instructions below to ensure that your request for admission is processed efficiently.
Enrollment is a three-step process
  1. Application  Procedure
  2. Meet & Greet Procedure
  3. Fee Payment  & Confirmation of Admission
Application Procedure
  • Application procedure involves mandatory filling of the online application form and payment of application fee.
  • Once the application has been successfully registered, the parent will receive an intimation through SMS /Email bearing the Registration No. which will be used for further references
  • Only valid and complete applications will be considered for admission
  • Admission is subject to vacancy and due process as per the grade applied for. Submitting of application for admission does not be construed as admission granted.
  • In case there is no vacancy, the application may not be processed.
  • Admission will be confirmed only on completion of each of the following –
    • The application form must be submitted with documents stated in the form. In case you are unable to submit a required document, the school will only accept the incomplete application form against a written undertaking that the required documents will be provided within 3 (three) working days.
    • Final admission is subject to physical verification of original documents.
    • All information must be complete and accurate. In case any false, incomplete and/or misleading information is provided, Little Aryans reserves the right not to process the admission form.
    • Admissions will be granted subject to payment of fees, completing the prescribed admission procedure and acceptance of all rules, policies and code of conduct applicable to Little Aryans students and parents/guardians. (Learn more)
Meet & Greet Procedure
  • The parent will receive an intimation through SMS/Email bearing the details of the meet & greet from the Principal’s Office.
  • The parents are requested to carry all physical copies of original documents that have been submitted for physical verification by the admission department.
Fee Payment  & Confirmation of Admission 
  • The parent then receives an intimation through SMS/Email bearing all the details regarding fees.
  • Admissions is confirmed subject to payment of fees, completing the prescribed admission procedure and acceptance of all rules, policies and code of conduct applicable to Little Aryans students and parents/guardians within three working days. (Learn more)


All fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory to be filled.

  1. Mention the correct Date of Birth as per Date of Birth Certificate issued by the municipal corporation. No change in Date of Birth shall be allowed later.
  2. Full name of the student, date of birth, permanent address & name of the parents(first, middle and last) entered in the form should match the supporting documents like Date of Birth Certificate, Aadhaar card, voter Id card, passport etc.
  3. All sections of this Registration Form must be completed in full to be processed. Submission of the Registration Form is a request for Admission and does not guarantee Admission.
  4. Please identify one parent as Preferred contact for receiving all School communication by SMS, E-mail notifications or telephonic communication. (not applicable for Single Parent / Guardian)
  5. One application will be accepted per child. Kindly fill all the details including the Board selection and preference carefully along with the applicable application processing fee. No change(s) will be allowed once the form is submitted.
  6. Printed copy of the Registration Form must be signed by hand by both the Parents / Single parent (legally Divorced or having adoption rights) / legal Guardian and submitted with documentation as stated. Please refer to the instructions for Parent details for Guardianship / Child Custody Policy/Form.

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